AI technology for the best power trades

Optimize your energy trade with Senfal’s Power Trading Services. We offer two main services to save on your electricity bill and maximize your profits on the energy markets. Senfal’s Automated Demand Response service models the flexibility in your assets, controls and adjusts production schedules to monetize your flexibility. In addition, Senfal offers Robotic Power Trading to improve and automate your trades on all energy markets.

These services are cloud based software built with algorithms using Artificial Intelligence. Giving you a technological advanced automation tool, which saves you money and realizes substantial improvements in your trading earnings.

Robotic Power Trading

The trading robot developed by Senfal is able to forecast the optimal moment for energy trade with the help of artificial intelligence. This results in savings for energy consumers and higher profits for energy traders.

Automated Demand Response

The self-learning algorithms predict per individual asset the energy market prices, consumption and production. Senfal uses principles from machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimally utilize your assets.

Easy connection

Senfal’s software is linked with your assets based on the plug & play principle. This doesn’t require any further action from you as a client. The connection doesn’t need any extra hardware and is easily ready for use.

24/7 Insights

With just one glance the insightful dashboard gives you an indication of the performance of your assets; to improve deployment and prevent outage. This results in savings and/or profits. This transparancy is unique in the market.

The optimal solution for your energy strategy

Every company has specific wishes to formulate the best energy strategy. The experienced experts of Senfal understand these wishes and will offer you a tailor-made solution according to them. Whether you wish to save on your energy use, use your flexibility or for instance want to use demand response. Senfal has the product for you.

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