A unique combination of markets and AI technology

Electricity offers the industrial sector one of the biggest opportunities to increase their ROI. By combining your flexibility with Senfal’s service, you are guaranteed of the best power trades. Senfals services provide a unique level of automation for managing your electricity bill and monetizing flexibility in your assets.

  • The highest flex revenues through AI

  • Fully automated while retaining full control

  • Robotic power trading

Optimizing your flexibility using all available markets

Senfal trades on different energy markets to guarantee the best price, among others the EPEX day-ahead, EPEX intraday and the ETPA energy markets. We also take your imbalance into consideration and the prices on the imbalance market. And on top of that, Senfal is capable of providing ancillary services with your flexible assets.

The highest flex revenues

Because prices vary continuously, it will pay off to optimize the use or production of your electricity to power prices. Because this is a time consuming process, Senfal has developed algorithms to automate this. You can choose for a complete automation, or a form where your operator receives recommendations. Because you don’t have to monitor the prices yourself, you will save on overhead.

A tailor-made solution

The rules for your asset(s) are essential for the management of your production. We will closely work with you to define the posibililies. And in the end, you define the rules of your strategy. Our experts will process these rules in our computing centre; the SenfalCore©. This ensures our software is implemented in such a way it guarantees the best strategy for you.

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Rafael Koene
CCO & CFO @ Senfal

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